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Downloading, installing, and navigating Rstudio

In this series of workshops, we will be using the R programming language. In order to be able to complete the exercises in the workshops, you will need to download R onto your computer. You will also need to download RStudio, a programming environment that will make it easier to visualize what we are doing.

Downloading R

R is available for free at To maintain consistency among everyone in the class, please download R version 3.6.3: you can find it in the following links for Windows, Mac, Linux. Download and install it. You can open it to see if it worked. You enter commands by typing them and pressing enter. R should spit back a response of some kind. One thing you can do is type version and hit enter. It’ll respond with the version information.

Downloading Rstudio

R itself is pretty minimal, so we’ll want to download RStudio as well. RStudio is a graphical user interface (GUI) integrated development environment (IDE) for using R. RStudio will make it easier for us to write and edit our code, view plots, and make documents like this one. RStudio Desktop is also free.

Using Rstudio